Dictionary, Talking Dictionary, Raspberry Pi, STT, TTS


The present study introduces a practical tool for translating diverse technical terminology in the field of engineering. The device has the capability to comprehend the requirements of its users and, if the relevant information is available within its database, it provides an explanation of the assigned task. Furthermore, in the event that the response requiring a reply is not present within the database, the dictionary prompts the user to indicate whether they wish to document the response. Consequently, the dictionary's database has the potential to be enhanced. The Raspberry Pi has been utilized as the central controller.

The system comprises of two components, namely Speech-to-Text (STT) and Text-to-Speech (TTS).


Author Biography

Md. Abdullah Al Noman, School of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China.

MD. ABDULLAH AL NOMAN  was a lecturer in the Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department at Chittagong Institute of Engineering & Technology (CIET), affiliated with Chittagong University. Southern University awarded him a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He is pursuing his master's degree in mechanical engineering at the Beijing Institute of Technology. His research interests include autonomous vehicles, computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning, among other things. He can be contacted at email:




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Noman, M. A. A. (2023). ENGINEERING TERMS TALKING DICTIONARY. International Journal of Innovative Engineering (IJIE), 1(1), 23–28.